About Mel


Mel Art and Industrial Tires Company (Mel Rubber Co.) was established in 1979 under the management of Mr. Nasser Heidari with the aim of producing rubber parts, car parts and also artistic mosaic molds.

Nearly half a century of experience, research and naming in the field of production and design of mosaic molds, tables, facades, various types of rubber and silicone hoses, packing, o-rings, seals, gaskets, sealing washers, rubber and metal composite parts, diaphragms, etc. Has experience working with different types of polymers NR, NBR, NBR / PVC, H.NBR, ACM, FKM, ECO, EPDM, EVA, CR, CSM, SILLICON

Among the honors of Mel Company is high creativity in designing mosaic molds, using Iranian and Islamic designs, etc., variety in designing and presenting products with quality and product guarantee.

MelRubberCo production and industrial rubber production unit (Mel | RubRberberCo) includes advanced production machines, laboratory, quality control (QC & QA), turning unit and molding unit.

This complex currently has Grade B Sapco, Grade B Sazeh Gostar Saipa, Grade B Megamotor and Grade B of Iran Tractor Manufacturing. With more than 10 years of experience, Mel Rubber Engineering Company has continuous cooperation with 16 large state-owned companies in Iran.