Rubber Parts Production

Rubber Parts Production

From formulation and reverse engineering to the production of various rubber parts

Mel Art and Industrial Tires Company (Mel Rubber Co.) was established in 1979 under the management of Mr. Nasser Heidari with the aim of producing rubber parts, car parts and also artistic mosaic molds.

Nearly half a century of experience, research and naming in the field of production and design of mosaic molds, tables, facades, various types of rubber and silicone hoses, packing, o-rings, seals, gaskets, sealing washers, rubber and metal composite parts, diaphragms, etc. Has experience working with different types of polymers NR, NBR, NBR / PVC, H.NBR, ACM, FKM, ECO, EPDM, EVA, CR, CSM, SILLICON

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Mel certificates

طراحی و ساخت قالب لاستیکی

Design and manufacture of rubber molds

From reverse engineering to design and production of various molds and rubber parts

مشاوره فرمولاسیون کامپاند

Consulting formulation of compounds

Provide advice and compound formulas Designng for rubber parts

فروش مواد اولیه لاستیک

rubber raw materials Sale

Sale raw materials NBR, EPDM, SBR, etc. for the production of rubber and rubber parts

طراحی و ساخت قالبهای موزائیک

Design and manufacture of mosaic molds

design and manufacture all kinds of metal and rubber molds Mosaic

طراحی و تولید انواع شیلنگ های لاستیکی

Design and production of rubber hoses

From reverse engineering to formulation, design and manufacture of soft and hard rubber hoses

طراحی و تولید قطعات لاستیکی

Design and production of rubber parts

Design and manufacture of rubber parts for metal, packing, o-ring, diaphragm, dust collector, gasket, sealing washer, etc.

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